Couch DB Java Integration : Couchdb4j

  •  COUCHDB4J API is library for accessing Documents from couch database.
  • This Library is downloaded from the link:-

  • In this Demo , "Using FUTON Web Interface a student database is created and 4 student documents are created.The java program is written for accessing these documents and displaying the details in console output".
  • The Student Database in Futon looks like,

  •  This library has some dependencies to these libraries,
           commons-httpclient-3.1.jar, commons-beanutils.jar, 
          commons-codec-1.3.jar, commons-collections.jar, 
          json-lib-2.0-jdk15.jar, ezmorph-1.0.3.jar 

  • The Project Structure,showing all the dependencies jar libraries in the CLASSPATH,
  •  The Java code is is,
package com.sandeep.couchdb.util;

import java.util.List;
import com.fourspaces.couchdb.Database;
import com.fourspaces.couchdb.Document;
import com.fourspaces.couchdb.Session;
import com.fourspaces.couchdb.ViewResults;

public class CouchDBTest {

 /*These are the keys of student document in couch db*/
 public static final String STUDENT_KEY_NAME ="name";
 public static final String STUDENT_KEY_MARKS ="marks";
 public static final String STUDENT_KEY_ROLL="roll";
 public static final String STUDENT_KEY_CONTACT ="contact";
 public static void main(String[] args){
  /*Creating a session with couch db running in 5984 port*/
  Session studentDbSession = new Session("localhost",5984);
  /*Selecting the student database from list of couch database*/
  Database studentCouchDb = studentDbSession.getDatabase("student");
  /*Fetching all Student Document to ViewResult object*/
  ViewResults couchViewResults = studentCouchDb.getAllDocuments();
  /*Retieving all document as result to a List*/
  List<Document> studentDocuments = couchViewResults.getResults();
  for(Document couchDocument: studentDocuments){
   String id = couchDocument.getJSONObject().getString("id");
   Document studentRow = studentCouchDb.getDocument(id);
   System.out.println("__________START OF DOCUMENT("+studentRow.get("_id")+")_________");
    System.out.println("NAME : "+studentRow.get(STUDENT_KEY_NAME));
    System.out.println("MARK : "+studentRow.get(STUDENT_KEY_MARKS));
    System.out.println("ROLL : "+studentRow.get(STUDENT_KEY_ROLL));
    System.out.println("CONTACT : "+studentRow.get(STUDENT_KEY_CONTACT));

  •  ViewResults(com.fourspaces.couchdb.ViewResults) is the class which stores all the document.The debug point screenshot,
  • Couch db stores the data in Document format (com.fourspaces.couchdb.Document) package.
  • The output:-
 __________START OF DOCUMENT(326e49164d9b414a6c1ce2c8a802d175)_________
NAME : sandeep
MARK : 75
ROLL : 4
CONTACT : +91-1234567890
__________START OF DOCUMENT(326e49164d9b414a6c1ce2c8a802d28e)_________
NAME : sumanta
MARK : 80
ROLL : 3
__________START OF DOCUMENT(326e49164d9b414a6c1ce2c8a802dda1)_________
NAME : sangeeta
MARK : 95
ROLL : 7
__________START OF DOCUMENT(326e49164d9b414a6c1ce2c8a802f200)_________
NAME : Surabhi
MARK : 73
ROLL : 7 

  • The output screenshot in java console,