MonjaDB Eclipse Plugin for Mongo DB

  • "Monja DB" is a plugin for Eclipse for Mongo Database.It provides a GUI view for Mongo Database Document and Collection
  • Link for Monja plugin:-

    • The idea behind developing this plugin is:-
                            a. Rapid Application Development.
                            b.  Easy Log tracing.
    •  This Demo , "Shows How to work With this plugin for a Mongo database" .
    • Initially, The Monjo Perspective view in Eclipse,

    • Lets Create a DATABASE Tutorial and Inside it Lets create a COLLECTION Topics and add some DOCUMENTS of format {name:java, pagelength:2}.

    • In Eclipse Connect to Mongod Service with Database 'Tutorial'.

    • All the configuration like host name where Mongo is installed and database to be connected need to be enter in the pop up window,

    • The Monja Client will be connected to database and rendered GUI look like,
    • Select the "topics" collection ,then document will be views in the center table,

    • JSON view for a document is if selected,

    • Updating a document , Let rename the java to java script,

    • Verify the update in Mongo shell , We can see "java" is changed to "javascript",