Node Package Manager(NPM) Installation In Windows

  • Node Package Manager (NPM) is needed to install modules in Node.
  • NPM can be download for window machine using below link :-
  • The EXE file name that is  downloaded is similar to Git- 
  • This Demo, "How to install NPM in windows and shows how to verify the installation".

  • By double clicking the EXE file will start the installation process. During the installation it will ask to select one of the three radio button. In this demo we have selected the last option that have a warning to override the sort and find command on windows command prompt.
  • The below screenshot shows the last window during installation,
  •  We can verify the installation by opening a new command prompt in window and running the "npm -l" in it.It will show all the help option for NPM,
  •  "npm install <modulename>" command will install the specific module in machine.Lets Install the "redis" mdule by using "npm install redis". Remember open the command prompt as "Administartor". The console will look like below,